The weather goddess had misplaced the August weather in today, but S and I certainly didn’t blame her. After taking the washed clothes out to the back garden to the open air, we set off for Lavenham.

It was still cloudy when we left home, but very soon the sun was showing, and so were the smiles on our faces. We first had a blackberry-sampling walk along one of the public footpaths. I was sweating slightly underneath my summer jacket, which was delightful. A tour in the village after the walk was also a joy. Lavenham seems so free from, if you like, any worldly disturbances. It feels as if nobody in this village needed to take a modern-day job to fend for themselves, as if the residents could simply live on the peace and quiet that is always in good supply here. That made me jealous!

Both S and I adore delicious handmade scones. A good way to conclude this afternoon was to have quality tea and scones at one of the tearooms that scatter in the main street. We picked Munnings. The scones there were divine, served on the side with butter, strawberry jam, raspberry jam, clotted cream covered with whipped cream, though we were a little perplexed with the butter. But their teas were a big no-no to our taste! They served bagged teas, which S and I hardly drink nowadays because we just can’t resist the beauty of loose leave teas, and the thought that bagged teas are somewhat inferior (and in all aspects they really are). Even worse was that they dropped three tea bags into S’s grapefruit-sized teapot, making the tea muddy and nearly undrinkable. Almost as soon as the pots arrived, we opened the lids and saw those unlikable creations floating about as-a-matter-of-factly, we took them out. Seeing 5 tea bags piling up on a saucer, the waitress who once again came to our table commented, “oh, so you don’t like teabags in your tea?”

Despite the tea episode, we really enjoyed our time and each other’s company there, and we did have a substantial amount of tea to accompany our scones, no matter how muddy and undrinkable it was (both S and I are no food/drink wasters). For people who don’t mind drinking bagged teas and meanwhile fancy lovely scones, I would highly recommend Munnings.

After, we visited a few cute little shops nearby, and finally, before heading to the car park, I fetched a stem ginger coned ice cream from a handmade ice cream shop filled with citrusy freshness. That was my first ice cream for this year, which will soon be coming to an end.

To S: thank you for creating many many unforgettable memories with me on this extraordinarily warm October day!

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