Rice is my all-time favourite, but when it comes to cooking for myself after a day of work, noodle is a lot quicker.

A plate of chaumien can be put together with whatever ingredients you fancy. Today what I used was 5 mushrooms, some carrot, a yellow pepper, some onion, two garlic bulbs and a handful of broccoli. Boil water in a saucepan. Drop everything and a dollop of olive oil in another saucepan to stir fry till they deflate and their juices are squeezed out. Put noodle in the boiling water; keep untangling the noodle till all the threads are separate. When the noodle turns slightly soft, transfer it into the stir fry mixture in the other pan. Add soy sauce of an amount at your discretion, and keep stirring till the whole thing looks tantalising to you. And by tantalising, it means the noodle shouldn’t be slimy. But if you prefer slimy noodles, that’s another story.

Whatever chaumien saves loads of those evenings when I aim for making myself a quick dinner but completely lack inspiration or ideas.

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