Today 18 years ago, an earthquake took some 2000 lives all over Taiwan.

My heart still aches every time I think about it. I still remember clearly that my dad, my mum and I were standing in the corner of the stair flight doing nothing but fearing the worst. It was just after 1.47am. The house was rocking and creaking like hell. It WAS hell itself. The next day, school and work were all suspended and we headed to Taipei to look for my sister for quite a while. In the end, we found that she was safe and sound. Honestly. I really didn’t know what that earthquake was trying to tell us, as we often say that a lesson must be learned to prevent something from happening again. Well, now I see things more as the way they are. An earthquake is an earthquake. It is not meant to tell anybody anything, but only meant to coexist with human beings or even outlive human beings. Lessons can never be learned. And, dare I say, there are even no lessons to be learned. In the end, what is it to learn? That life is fragile and that humans are self-destructing?

Anyway, may those lives lost in the earthquake in Mexico Rest In Peace. I’m sorry but mourning is the only thing I’m capable of doing…

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