Distance is the major reason why I’m not that close to my paternal grandparents. We lived in North Taiwan, and they South. But from what I could observe during a handful of opportunities I spent time with them, I have always drawn to their contentment and the love and respect they have for each other.

Grandma has always been a vegetarian for as long as I have been her granddaughter, but she would make meat dishes for my omnivorous grandpa. In my eyes, that was a gesture of love, and of not imposing her own belief on her beloved one. Years after, my grandpa changed to a meatless diet too.

Although we are not that close, I never doubt that they love me. I remember on an ordinary evening in my childhood, after attending some relative’s wedding, they came to my home for a short visit, during which they took clothes after clothes out from a seemingly bottomless bag for my sister and me. My cousin who then happened to stay around said to me and my sister: “Your grandparents care so much about you.”

I must say if there is any point in my life I whine about how unlucky I am or how unfair life is, I should feel very, very bad.

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