Last Thursday, loads of food left uneaten at the end of our company’s event. I always hate the idea of any food being made but not eaten and binned, so I took a box of “sushi” home.

Those “sushi” were rice wrapped in seaweed and cut into the shape of sushi, but the rice was as hard as nearly uncooked and the seaweed was soggy and tired. To overturn their destiny from going straight to the food waste bag to meeting my stomach, I turned them into a bowl of seaweed congee.

Use a non-stick saucepan to cook to avoid rice glued to the pan button, otherwise a lot of rice will be wasted. (I don’t think you would happen to have some wallpaper that you need those gluey rice to put onto your wall with.) In the end, what’s the point of rescuing leftover in the first place and then wasting a considerable amount of it in your rescue action?

Drop the whole box of “sushi” and water that was enough to drown the “sushi” (I also added avocado for healthy fat and pre-soaked aduki beans for protein) in the saucepan to first boil then simmer till the whole thing looks like a pool of congee. Then drip in some soy sauce to season, and you are ready to do your part to save the planet.

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