Yesterday I received a notice of fine from HMRC when I was making a quick lunch with fresh mackeral. I registered self-employment some three years ago, but soon after, I got a full-time job at a company. The fine is for me not submitting tax return as a self-employee.

I rang them first thing this morning, telling them I actually did not receive any income as a self-employee back then. You know, initially, you always thought you could build your own business, and after a while, you thought better of it…that sort of story… And phew, the fine was then cancelled by the nice lady on the other end of the phone. My humble advice is that if you register self-employment but do not do any business after that, you’d better cancel it, otherwise, years later, a fine 10 times as much as one gas cooker installation will certainly spoil the freshness of your mackerel!

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